Get your business on track today!
Get your business on track today!
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Chances are you didn’t have a plan that gave instructions on what to do in the event of a pandemic. And yet, despite all the uncertainty brought by Covid-19, you still bear the responsibility of leading your organization forward by reimagining its future, making hard decisions and being a source of clarity and inspiration for your team, your customers and your stakeholders.

Our Recovery Toolkits can help you get started today. It’s easy to use and packed with valuable guidance and practical tools created by our team of seasoned strategists, change leaders and organizational development specialists who work with organizations and government agencies of all sizes nationwide.

A message from Coraggio's Founder about our Recovery Toolkits

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About Coraggio

Since 2005, our consultants have been helping leaders envision their organization’s future, create exciting plans, and foster the agile teams and cultures they need to get there. We’ve collaborated to develop bold strategies, support big change initiatives and engage those whose voices needed to be a part of the conversation. Our dynamic Portland-based team brings an unusual blend of leadership experience, business acumen and creativity to every project, helping our clients to take the big—and often courageous—leaps necessary to achieve their most ambitious goals.